Secured Loans for People with Bad Credit

Do you have a bad credit score? Are you looking for a secured loan?

If you are looking for a secured loan, but are worried about bad credit history, Simply Secured are here to help. Teaming up with Fluent Money, we strive to help people who are dealing with bad credit and looking for a secured loan.

Having a poor credit score can occur due to many reasons. It may be because you have not paid something on time and had a late payment has been registered against you, an unpaid parking ticket which you have forgotten about, where they have registered a default or possible County Court Judgement [CCJ] which will lower your credit score, it may be that you have no credit and need to build up some sort of credit history. In any instance we are confident we are able to help you with a secured loan if you have bad credit or a poor credit score.

How can you apply for a secured loan with bad credit?

At Simply Secured, we have a very simple and quick application process. Once you fill the application form, one of the qualified advisors from Fluent Money will go through the full application form, request the required paperwork and endeavour to get a quick decision on your application. Applying for the best secured loans in the UK with bad credit score has never been this easy.

Why us?

Our aim here at Simply Secured is to simplify the process of enquiring, applying and completing your secured loan. We have teamed up with award winning broker Fluent Money and can help you find the right secured loan for bad credit individuals in the UK.