What is refinancing?
If you are thinking about refinancing current loans or credit cards, get in touch with Simply Secured because we can help. When you hear the term refinancing a loan, it means paying off your current loan, credit cards and replacing them with a new loan.

There are many reasons people refinance, such as reducing your interest rate, reducing the term of the loan, to consolidate debt, to raise additional monies for home improvements, purchasing a car – the options are endless.

How to Refinance?

  • Think about your goal or objective. Think about the purpose of the refinancing your loan.
  • Send us our enquiry form.
  • You will be contacted by an advisor from Fluent Money to discuss your case and understand your needs and objectives. They will do a soft search on your credit file which does not leave a footprint and does not affect your credit score. They will give an indication of the rates, monthly payment, term and processing times.
  • Get your paperwork ready. Our advisors will tell you all the paperwork required to process the secured loan application.
  • Once fluent have your paperwork they will submit your secured loan application.
  • Sit back and wait for the case updates and completion.

Questions? Contact us on the online enquiry form.

We have tried to cover as much as we can on the site but totally understand if you have more questions. Fill in the online enquiry form and a qualified advisor will give you a call and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.